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There are bad people in this world, those who have no regard for anyone
other than themselves. They are bullies that never grew up.  Their way of
life consists of taking whatever they want from whomever they want
because they can.  Some are tough people who prey on those who are
physically weaker.  Others are just sneaky and use the element of surprise
to gain advantage over their victims.

This kind of predator has been around almost since the beginning of time.  
Left unchecked they would make life miserable for everyone else.  But
they are not left unchecked.  It may not be as dramatic or as smooth as the
opening scene of Gunsmoke where Marshall Dillon faces down the bad
guy, but they are faced down.

Many West Virginia law enforcement officers have made the supreme
sacrifice facing down the bad guys.  They knew it was a dangerous job
when they took it.  The guns they carried were not show pieces.  They
were necessary tools of a violent trade.

West Virginia law enforcement officers are a diverse bunch.  Some are
men, some are women.  Some are physically powerful, some are not.  
Some have high moral standards while others frankly do not.  They come
from a variety of ethnic, social, and educational backgrounds.  The one
common denominator is courage.  Those without it usually do not last very

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