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Also see page In Honor of Carl Legursky.
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Above, the first class graduated from the newly-opened academy on 10 December 1949. The
members were, left-to-right: Row 1—Claude M. England, Edgell M. Rice, William A. Gosnell,
William K. McMorrow, Jack H. Parsons, John W. Flowers; Row 2—Sylvanus P. Vandevender,
Glenn H. Thompson, Jack F. Slack, David W. Meyer, John B. Hilliard; Row 3—James R. Lilly,
Jack G. Shea, Clovis H. Hanks, Robert L. Casey, Darrell L. Talbott; Row 4—Glen W. Burner,
Jack A. Miller, William G. Cunningham, Oscar S. Neely. (Photo courtesy Bill McMorrow.)
Defensive Tactics by First Sergeant Legursky.  
An annual in-service training group.  My guess is mid 1970's.  Photo courtesy of the West
Virginia State Police.