Photo Gallery
Police Academy
Brady Stephens, Danny Tabor, Paul
Thornton, Bobby Tipton and others. 31st
Basic Class.  June 7 1979.
89th Basic Class (1995).  Then Cpl. Philip Scott was the 2nd officer to do
the fellowship program at the academy.  Photo provided by Philip Scott.
Graduation day for the 61st. Basic Class (1986) — with McCracken
(St. Albans P.D), Gregory (Webster Springs P.D.), Bailey (Princeton
P.D.) and Scott (Morgantown P.D.)  Photo provided by Philip Scott.
Paul Thornton-Vienna PD, Danny Tabor- Wayne
County SO, Brady Stephens-Wood County SO.  
31st Basic Class.
6th Basic Class.  Photo provided by Dale Eaton.
1st Basic Class.  Photo provided by Jerry Lyons.
Photo provided by Jason Thomas.
Video recorded by Brady Stephens.
31st Basic class.  Photo provided by Brady Stephens.
Beckley Officer "Bumper" Tipton had a lot to
celebrate this June 7, 1979.  It was graduation day at
the academy and he had a new baby.  This new baby
is now a Charleston Detective.
Photo provided by David White.
105th Basic Class.  Photo provided by David White.
Basic Police Training Classes