Photo Gallery
Photos from the collection of Chief Dale V. Eaton,
Parkersburg P.D. Retired
Parkersburg P.D. at the range late 60's or early 70's.  The officer
closest to the camera is Bill Rhodes who would later be police chief.
Parkersburg P.D. at the range, late 1960's or early 1970's.
Dexter Buckley is the officer closest to the camera.
6th Basic Police Training Class at The West Virginia State Police Academy.  PPD officers in this picture include; Front
row, Tom Gribble and Bob Vensel.  Second row, Ron Brannon.  Third Row, Wood County Deputy Dave Tallman who
would later move to PPD.  Fourth Row, Jim Knapp, Jim Holcomb, George Montgomery, and Wood County Deputy Gene
PPD fleet.  1972 Dodge Polaras.  By all accounts a very fast cruiser.
Rick Modesitt  and Bob Pickens. Rick would later become Police Chief,
County Commissioner, and a member of the state House of Delegates.
Chief Eaton, Frank Snider and Bob Nuzem.
Chief Eaton and Mayor William P.A. Nicely on the ends.  Tom Skinner and Bob
Newell were being sworn in as officers after having served as cadets. They were
both 20 years old and were the first officers to be hired under the age of 21.  
The new age limit would be 18.  Bob Newell is currently serving his third term as
Mayor of Parkersburg.
Left to right believed to be Bob Vensel, Ron Poe, Chief Eaton and
Jerry Board.  Jerry would later become Police Chief.
Detective Dexter Buckley, Jimmy Columbo Sr. and Chief Eaton.  Jimmy
was the founder of Columbo's Italian Restaurant and a lifelong friend of
police officers.
Annual inspection.  Probably early 70's.  First
four PPD officers are believed to be Clair Snyder,
Bob Barrows, Arthur Swain, and Charles Plum.  
The inspecting trooper is J. R. Buckalew.
Graduation ceremony left to right State Police M-Sgt D. L. Lake,
Superintendent R. L. Bonar, Governor Arch Moore, and possible PPD
Officer Mark Douglas.  The last two are unknown.
Jiles Wollard
This gathering at Columbo's Restaurant may have been the 1970
retirement gathering for George Fox Sr.  The first three on the left are
unknown.  Standing is Sheriff Lee Bechtold, then George Fox, Mayor Nicely
and Charles Plum.
Ron Nonamaker, Dale Eaton, and Gail Hartshorn.
Probably Gerald Board facing away.  Then Ron Poe and Chief Eaton.
Bob Pickens, Chief Eaton, Gary Mathers, and Chaplain Sutphin.
George Fox Sr.
Arthur Swain
Ron Poe
Gilbert "Gib" Swartz
Chief Bill Lazzell
Late 1960's
Bill Beckett
Would later become Police Chief.
G. B. "Gibb" Swartz
These Parkersburg Officers are posing with Captain Charles Ray, WVSP
Retired.  Early 1970's
Jiles Wollard
Officer Mark Douglas of the Tac Unit.  Probbably in
the summer of 1974 and probably related to the
assault on Officer Jerry Lyons on 7th St.
Jerry Board, Ron Poe, Dale Eaton.
Inspection, Probably early 1970's
Bob Nuzum
Inspection, Probably early 1970's
Inspection, Probably early 1970's
Inspection, Probably early 1970's
Crossing Guard inspection, Probably early 1970's
Roger Martin, Ron Brannon, Mayor Nicely.
This vehicle was apparently evidence in some case of significance.  
Prosecuting Attorney Joe Brown is the first recognizable person on the right.
Dale Eaton working here with other officers in a double murder case that
would result in convictions of Jack Hart and Donald Lane.  This was early to
mid 1960's.  Both convicts are still in prison today.
Bob Pickens
Great story about a family of "Blue Bloods" here
in Parkersburg.
Parkersburg and Vienna officers receiving training from Captain Charles Ray,
WVSP Retired.
Inspection, Probably early 1970's
Bob Nuzum, possibly Ron Poe and Dale Eaton.