Photo Gallery
Wood County Sheriff
Later the Wood County Jail.  Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Wood County Jail - 1910.  Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
John Calvin Bayles shortly after his arrest for the murder
of Jima Ann Dotson.  He is being escourted by Deputy
Brady Stephens.  Bayles was convicted and is still
serving a life sentence.
Jima Ann Dotson was abducted from her car in I-77 near
Williamstown by John Calvin Bayles (pictured right).  She was
taken to Old Corbit Hill Road at Waverly where she was
Wood County Deputy Ben Davis.  Taken in the late
Wood County Deputies from left to right, the first one is not yet identified, then
comes Harry Holiday, Gerald Sinnett, and Clifford Masters.  Photo provided by
David Ray.
Wood County deputies taken about 1977.  Left to right are Brady Stephens, Steve Flinn, Jim
Lott, Dave Knotts, and Dale Wilcox.  Photo provided by Brady Stephens.
Graduation Day for the 31st Basic Class in June 1979.  From left to right Wood
County Deputies Brady Stephens, Gary Fisher, Tim Rinehart, Roger Marshall, and
Terry Miller.
Wood County Sheriff's Dept. night shift in the late 1970's.  Left to right are John Rymer, Tim
Rinehart, Jim Reaser, and Charlie Johnson.
Wood County Deputy Greg Chapman (left) and Deputy Rick Woodyard examine
confiscated weapons and drugs in the late 1970's.
Wood County officials in the 1890's from left to right, County Clerk Hatcher, Circuit Judge J. M.
Jackson, Prosecuting Attorney J. B. Jackson, Circuit Clerk L. P. Neal, Judge Cyrus Hall, Sheriff
Jerry Hill. Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Believed to be an 1867 hanging on Ft. Boreman hill.  Three men, Daniel Grogan,
Thomas Boice, and Mortimer-Gibbony, were convicted for the murder of Abram
Deem, a well-respected Wood County farmer who was a Confederate sympathizer.  
Two of the three were hanged together.  The third one after an escape and
Sheriff Simon Knotts.  Served Wood County from 1949-1953.  His two grandsons
pictured below were deputies in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  Photo provided
by Linda Knotts Pennybacker.
Deputy David Knotts.  Late
1970's.  Photo provided by Brady
Deputy Simon Knotts.  Late 1970's.  Simon was
later Chief of Police in New Matamoris Ohio for
several years.  Photo provided by Linds Knotts
Deputy Dave Edgell.  Late 1970's.  Standing in the control
center by the communications desk at the Wood County
Correctional Center,  Photo provided by Brady Stephens.
Deputies Ron Roberts and Rick Woodyard in the jailers office at the Wood County
Correctional Center.  Probably about 1980.  Photo provided by Brady Stephens.
June 26, 1965  Deputies Glen Gainer, O.J. Stanley, and Dan Ward,
Sheriff Ira Wharton,  Jailer Cecil Marlow, and Deputy Don Kreaps.
Steve Pierce, Eugene McDonald, Dave Tallman, unknown, Denny Huggins, Jim George,
unknown, unknown, Charles Greene, Dale Wilcox, Sheriff Lee Bechtold.  Taken late 1960's
or early 1970's.