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Of interest state wide
The last public hanging in West Virginia.  John Morgan was hanged for killing 3 members of the same family.  
The execution took place December 16, 1897 at Ripley.
FBI Civilian Defense Course for Police. November 13-14, 1941. Huntington, WV.  Photo Provided By
David Ray.
West Virginia Law Enforcement Journal cover.  May, 1992.  
Featuring the funeral service for Officer Paul Harmon.
Original teletype message announcing the murder of Calhoun County Sheriff Park Richards in 1976.
Follow-up message concerning funeral arrangements.
Williams was part of a mass escape from the West Virginia State Penitentiary at Moundsville on
November 7, 1979.  Off duty Trooper Philip Kesner was murdered in the process of the escape.  
Williams was in prison for the murder of Beckley Sgt. David Lilly committed on May 12, 1975.  He was
eventually apprehended during a shootout with federal agents in New York City but not before he
murdered an elderly couple in Arizona.
WV Motor Vehicle Law book from the
1950's.  Provided by David Ray.
This is what a search warrant looked like 50 years ago.  Provided by
David Ray.