Photo Gallery
The staff from Charleston Work Release Center.  Photo taken from their 2012 Christmas card.
Photo provided by Pamela Baldwin.
Brady and Jenny Stephens.  Taken back when Brady was young.  
Of course, Jenny still is.
Fun Photos
West Virginia Sheepdog operatives have determined the true identity of
Batman. However, we are far to patriotic to ever disclose his true identity. If
you guess it we will neither confirm or deny if you were correct. We will
under no circumstances place this super hero in danger by destroying his
cover. His service to our nation is too valuable to ever risk exposure. This is
a rare picture of the super hero enjoying a relaxed moment before dashing
off to his next adventure.
Parkersburg Police Detective Bureau taken in the early 1980's.  Front row, left to right are Jim
Smith, Mike Spellacy, Don Hale, Ken Williams, and Jeff Ritchie.  Second row, Jerry Lyons,
Steve Bodge, Delbert Gregg, Larry Gibson, and Bob Newell.  Back row, Mark Douglas, Don
Dougherty, Alan Barnette, and Tom Dent.  Tom Dent, Larry Gibson, and Bob Newell would all
later serve as Police Chief.  Don Dougherty would later serve as Chief Deputy for the Wood
County Sheriff's Department.  And at the time of this posting Bob Newell is serving his third
term as Mayor of Parkersburg.
Another photo of the Parkersburg Police Detective Bureau taken in the early 1980's.  From
left to right on horseback, Jerry Lyons, Larry Gibson, Jim Smith, Mark Douglas, Delbert
Gregg, Kenny Williams, Jeff Ritchie, Tom Dent, Don Dougherty, Don Hale, Alan Barnette,
Bob Newell, Steve Bodge, and Mike Spellacy on horseback .  Photo provided by Larry