Photo Gallery
On the yard at the WV Penitentiary about 1914.
WV prison truck about 1914.
WV State Prison Farm about 1912.  At the right side of this photo is the current location of
Northern Correctional Facility and Northern Regional Jail.
Lt. Sherman Glasscock of the WV State Penitentiary.
Photo taken about 1980. Photo provided by his son
Michael Glasscock.
Division of Corrections
Penitentiary dining hall about 1912.
Prison overall factory about 1922.
Female convicts at the WV State Penitentiary about 1920.
On the yard at the WV Penitentiary about 1912.
Prison Guard Earl Langfitt, left, was stabbed to
death in the dining hall shown above in the West
Virginia Penitentiary at Moundsville. The murder
occurred on Thursday, March 11, 1926.  Officer
Langfitt was 25 years old and a student at West
Liberty University.  He was from a prominent and
respected family in Parkersburg.  Inmate Henry
Jackson had arrived at Moundsville only about 5
months earlier to serve a life sentence for murder
from McDowell County.  He was convicted for
murdering Officer Langfitt and hanged
September 10th the same year.  Photo provided
by Donna Langfitt Wren.
Officer Langfitt with his family.  He is standing in the
center.  Photo provided by Donna Langfitt Wren.