Photo Gallery
George Riggs. St. Marys Police Chief probably 40's
through 60's.  Photo provided by Aaron Simonton.
St. Marys, Beckley, Fairmont,
Pocahontas County
Beckley Officer "Bumper" Tipton had a lot to celebrate this June 7, 1979.  It was graduation
day at the academy and he had a new baby.  This new baby is now a Charleston Detective.
Pocahontas County Deputy David Delp.  1982.
Beckley Police Department 1982.  Photo provided by Bobby Tipton.
Beckley Police Department A-Shift, 1984.  Photo provided by Bobby Tipton.
Fairmont Police Patrolman
Robert Lee Kirk. Died of a heart
attack August 8th, 1958.  Photo
provided by J. D. Murphy.