Photo Gallery
One of the shifts at Parkersburg P.D. probably taken in 1982.  Back row left to right are Scott
Morgan, Kenny Miller, Joe Kuhl, Doug McLain, Tom Dent, George Montgomery, and Tom
Skinner.. Front row left to right are Ron Cowan, Jack Hunley, Linda Reed, Randy Parsons,
Brady Stephens, and Steve Pierce.  Photo provided by Brady Stephens.
Parkersburg Police
Parkersburg P.D. Officers Gail Smith and Harry Rassel about 1950. Smith would later become
Police Chief.  Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Cover of the West Virginia Law Enforcement Journal, January 1981.  The
"Wild Bunch" pictured here was the Parkersburg P.D. Detective Bureau.
Left to right Parkersburg Mayor Al Smith, Vienna Officer Steve Williams,
Parkersburg Officer Rick Modesitt, retired Parkersburg Chief Jess Starcher,
Parkersburg Chief Bill Rhodes, and Parkersburg Officer Ron Cowan lay a wreath
on the grave of a former officer in the late 1970's.
Parkersburg Officer Tom Gribble instructs in the use of the PR-24,
probably in 1977 or 1978.
Parkersburg Officer Brady Stephens.  Probably taken late 1981.
From left to right, Wood County's new Sheriff L.W.Burdette, Deputy Harry E.
Holiday, Court Bailiff D.L.Moore, Deputy Clifford Masters, and Chief Deputy
Gerald Sinnett.  January 1961.  Provided by David Ray.
Parkersburg Police Motor Patrol.  1949.  Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Parkersburg Police Chief William Richard "Dick" Callaghan 1962-1965.  
Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Parkersburg Officers Frank Snyder (left) and George Fox Sr. (right) early 1950's.  
Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Graduates of the 1st Basic Police Training Class at the
Academy with Commandant J. R. Buckalew.  PPD officers left to
right; J. Bolles, K. Williams, J. Lyons, R. Nonamaker, and S.
Shannon. Photo provided by Jerry Lyons.
1953 PPD Ford Cruiser.  The officer on the right was one of the Doughertys.
This picture was taken on Myrtle Street.  Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Detectives Larry Gibson and Bob Barrows.  Probably taken in the late 1960's.  
Larry Gibson would later become chief as seen below.  Photo provided by
Franklin Shepherd.
PPD Police Chief Larry Gibson.  Served as Chief in
the late 1980's.  Photo Provided by Franklin Shepherd
The police radio tower atop the City Building in 1935.  
Photo provided by Roger Mackey
Parkersburg Police Sgt. Alan Barnette stands with the department's
complete display of city Police Chiefs.  This photo was taken in the mid
1980's and was provided by Roger Mackey and Michael Eaton.
Parkersburg Police officers at the firing range on Gihon Road, probably early 1950's. They are
left to right; Ken Dougherty, Unknown, A. R. Mowery, Delvin Waide, Kermit Burdette, W. W.
Lazzell, unknown, Russell "Snuffy" Smith, Joe Renforth, Jess Starcher, Clarence Winans.  
Photo provided by Frank Shepherd.
This a picture taken in 1966 or 67 in South Parkersburg.
A man had barricaded his Mother in an upstairs room,
and commenced firing a rifle out the upstairs windows of
the house at officers. The house was tear gassed, and he
surrendered. Pictured from left to right are ; Upper left
with shotgun Larry Gibson, Gerald Board, Lt. C. A.
Snyder, Ken Dougherty. Shirtless Fireman with his back to
camera Ed Westfall.  Photo provided by Frank Shepherd.
July 14, 1961, first day at work. They tried everything to get Chief Lazzell
to not make them wear the "Pith helmets", but to no avail. Left to right;
Chief W.W. Lazzell, Dexter Buckley Jr, Dale Fluharty, and Larry Gibson.  
Photo provided by Frank Shepherd.
Parkersburg City Policemen Roger Echard, Steve Pierce, and Jerry Harvey
search the back of a truck. The Deputy Sheriff is believed to be Jack
McCrady. The Jack Hart man hunt began Nov. 8, 1979 after Hart and 14
other inmates escaped from the state penitentiary at Moundsville.  Finally,
on Nov. 11, Hart and another escapee Thomas Burton were apprehended
after stealing a car and leading officers on a chase over country roads.  
Photo provided by Roger Mackey.
Parkersburg Police Detective Bureau taken in the early 1980's.  Front row, left to right are Jim
Smith, Mike Spellacy, Don Hale, Ken Williams, and Jeff Ritchie.  Second row, Jerry Lyons,
Steve Bodge, Delbert Gregg, Larry Gibson, and Bob Newell.  Back row, Mark Douglas, Don
Dougherty, Alan Barnette, and Tom Dent.  Tom Dent, Larry Gibson, and Bob Newell would all
later serve as Police Chief.  Don Dougherty would later serve as Chief Deputy for the Wood
County Sheriff's Department.  And at the time of this posting Bob Newell is serving his third
term as Mayor of Parkersburg.
Parkersburg Police Department officers Clair Rardon and H.F. Dougherty. Photo
taken in the 1940's. H.F. Dougherty would later serve as Chief of Police.  Photo
provided by Larry Gibson.
Another photo of the Parkersburg Police Detective Bureau taken in the early 1980's.  From
left to right on horseback, Jerry Lyons, Larry Gibson, Jim Smith, Mark Douglas, Delbert
Gregg, Kenny Williams, Jeff Ritchie, Tom Dent, Don Dougherty, Don Hale, Alan Barnette,
Bob Newell, Steve Bodge, and Mike Spellacy on horseback .  Photo provided by Larry
Left to right  Parkersburg P.D. Officers Bud Mehl, Clarence Winans, H.S.
Dougherty, Joseph Beckett, and an unknown civilian.   This photo taken on the
A&P store lot, 6th and Ann streets.  Photo provided by Larry Gibson.
Mounted officers on Bird Street in Parkersburg.
Taken in 1962, the Parkersburg Fraternal order of Police making a donation to Big
Red band director Frank Schroeder on the front campus of Parkersburg High
School. Shown left to right are; Larry Gibson, Frank Schroeder, John D. Vaughan ,
and Gilbert Swartz.  Photo provided by Larry Gibson.
Parkersburg Police Officer George
Washington Taylor.  Probably taken in the
1890's or before.  Photo provided by his
great great granddaughter Bonnie Taylor.
1983 Dodge Diplomat Parkersburg P.D. cruiser.  This was one of several purchased when the
department first went to the fleet plan.  This one was assigned to Roger Bradley.  Photo taken
by Brady Stephens.