Photo Gallery
Closing Down The Penitentiary
The first trip with inmates from Moundsville to Mt. Olive was February 14, 1995 and the last
trip was on March 27th. There were 32 inmates on the final trip. The last inmate to leave
Moundsville was Ronald McComas. The typical trip included 2 buses loaded with inmates,
uniformed troopers in marked cruisers travelled in the front and rear, and BCI members
escourted in unmarked vehicles.  This picture was taken after the last trip.  Photo provided
by Brad Hudson who is at the far right of the group.
This may have been the last group to leave.  The Correctional Officer on the left is Joe Hill who
would later retire as the Associate Warden of Security at St. Marys Correctional Center.  The
officer near the center is Richard Littell who would retire as a Lieutenant at Northern
Correctional Facility.
Cruisers gathered for the move.
BCI members were dressed and equipped as seen in this picture during
the transporting of Moundsville Inmates to Mt. Olive. Shown here is
Trooper Chuck Jackson, now the Sheriff of Brooke County.
In 1988 The West Virginia Supreme Court ordered that The Penitentiary at
Moundsville be closed. Although some of the inmates would be transferred to
Northern Correctional Facility which would be built on part of the old prison
farm property in Moundsville, the majority would be transported to the brand
new Mount Olive Correctional Complex in Fayette County.
Transferring that many inmates over that great a distance would require a lot of
planning and resources.
West Virginia State Penitentiary at Moundsville
Mount Olive Correctional Complex